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Contender II Western Square Pad by Back On Track

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Saddle fit with the same shock absorbing foam on your ThinLine Pad

Contender II Western Saddle Pad by Back On TrackBack On Track

The most technologically advanced saddle pad available in the world today, the Contender creates the perfect amount of warmth, stability, and shock absorption for both horse and rider. A panel of ThinLine shock absorbing breathable foam is sewn onto Back On Track’s Welltex fabric. Your horse’s natural body heat is reflected, creating a soothing warmth that relieves tired and sore back muscles. ThinLine panels provide the best protection for your horse and there is a pocket to place shims for saddle fit adjustment if needed. This is our thinnest western square saddle pad. We recommend using it as a liner but we have had customers report they use it alone with no issues.

Available in Black

saddle fit shim saddle pad

Beneath the ThinLine layer, is a pocket to insert shims. If you need help with minor saddle fit adjustments, add shims as needed. Shims are made of the same amazing ThinLine material.


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30″ spine length | 16″ drop

Care Instructions

Machine washable! Wash in cold water, preferably in a front loader. If using a machine with an agitator, turn the ThinLine to the inside. Air dry only without a heat source, including sun.

1 review for Contender II Western Square Pad by Back On Track

    5 out of 5


    This pad is amazing! Do you all do sponsorships or need a western/barrel racing dealer. If so, how would that work? I am about to start talking this up like crazy!
    I purchased the Contender Western Square by Back on Track because my filly had a sore sacrum area to which I had given her a year off. During that time she had some growth spurts and grew withers. Oddly enough, after that, I could need keep my saddle from slipping and I was nervous to try a bunch of different pads on her in fear of making her back sore again. I chose this product because I liked the idea of the ceramic fabric and the shock absorption put together.
    If you remember my calls and email when it arrived, I was quite skeptical. I was even questioning if this was the correct item I ordered as I had never seen one before! I tried it out the night it arrived. It had been raining and miss priss doesn’t like to get her feet wet. I figured that was a great time to see what the pad felt like. I was amazed. Even with her refusing puddles and jumping around, I felt more stable in my saddle than I think I ever had! I even had my husband get on her and tell me that he thought. His words were, “It is amazing that something so small can make such a huge difference.”
    Before her year off, my filly clocked .5 second off of Sarah McDonald and Bling at the Florida State NBHA Finals. After bringing her back slowly, we were stuck in the 3D crack (1.5 seconds off) off some of the toughest competition currently in Florida. We entered two barrel races the weekend after receiving our thinliner. The first day we were less than a half second off the leader and the next day we were less than a second (with rider error). The ONLY thing that had changed was this pad. The stability the pad provides, the fact that I do not have to cinch my horse as tight, and the proof she is running faster is everything I could have wanted out of this experience.

    Thank you SO much!
    Jessica Rosen



    Hi Sue, we do have an English version of this pad available. The link to it is Hope that helps but please message back if you have further questions.

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Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A Thank you for your question! Any of our pads are a good fit for mutton withered horses, but our favorite recommendation is the Pro-Tech Felt pad.
  2. A Thank you for question and feedback! At this time, there are no plans to make additional sizes in this pad. We are happy to submit the request to our product development team! The Contender II Western Liner measures 30" x 30", so this pad would be a little longer than yours and a few inches shorter in the drop. It may be worth considering still because you and your horse would be able to enjoy the benefits of the ThinLine panels along the topline and the Back on Track technology in the quilted portion of the pad, it just wouldn't be an exact match to your top pad. Feel free to call the office with any questions! 888-401-9101
  3. A Thank you for your question! The quilted cotton portion of this pad measures 3/16" thick and the Ultra ThinLine panels along the topline measure 3/16", for a total thickness of 3/8".
  4. A Thank you for your question! The spine length on this pad is 30".
  5. A Thank you for your question! This pad has a contoured topline with a generous wither profile. It is designed to provide clearance over the withers, so give it a try! ThinLine offers a 30 day satisfaction guarantee for all items.
  6. A Thanks for your question! This pad is durable enough to be used alone under your saddle and is also thin enough to be used as a liner under another pad.
  7. A Thank you for your question! At this time, the Contender II comes in 30" only. We have several other pads that are available in a 32" spine length: #7340 Western Felt Liner #0704 Contour Western Ranch Pad #3334 Western Sheepskin Comfort Pad (31.5") If you type the item number into the search bar on our website, it will take you directly to the product page for each pad. Please call us at 888-401-9101 if you have more questions!
  8. A Thank you for your question! If the full length of your saddle, including the skirts, is 24", this pad would extend about 3" in the front and in the back, depending on where you placed the pad. Depending on your horse's conformation, a pad that's too long could rub against your horse's hips, but shouldn't cause any rubbing or pressure at the rear of your saddle. You're welcome to give it a try and if it doesn't fit the way you'd like, you could easily return it within the 30 day guarantee time period. Feel free to give us a call if you'd like further help choosing a pad!
  9. A Thank you for your question! This pad probably won't work for your dressage saddle. The drop may not be long enough to provide full coverage underneath your flaps. You're in luck though, because this pad comes in a dressage style too. It's listed under our English pads, or you can copy and paste the following link into your browser to purchase. Contender II Dressage Pad
  10. A Than you for your question! The quilted cotton on the Contender II western pad measures 3/16" and is a little thicker, about 3/8", on the English Contender II.
  11. A Thanks for your question! The Pro-Tech is about 1/2" of top quality wool felt. The Western Contender II is one of our thinner western pads, measuring about 3/16" and is made of quilted cotton with Back on Track's Welltex technology. Both pads have panels of Ultra ThinLine sewn along the topline, adding another 3/16" underneath your saddle.
  12. A Thanks for your question! We recommend adding a bridging shim to one of our shimmable pads for a horse with a sway back. Without seeing your mare, it's difficult to say exactly what would serve her best. When in doubt, we always recommend working with a saddle fitter to get the best fit for your horse. Please contact us directly if you'd like more specific help!
  13. A Thanks for your question! The Contour Western Ranch pads are available in 18 colors, including Royal Blue, Navy, and Turquoise.
  14. A We have several wonderful bareback pads and they are extra cushy, requiring no additional padding. Type Bareback into our search bar, or copy and paste this link for more info.