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Saddle Fitting Shims for Pro-Tech Felt Pads-7334


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ThinLine material protects horses and creates a perfect saddle fit.

Master Saddlers and ThinLine developed a shimming system designed to create custom saddle fit while also providing shock absorbing therapeutic benefits. ThinLine felt saddle pad shims are made from the same trademarked foam found on ThinLine pads. In addition, shims are easily inserted or removed and stay in place during riding and washing.

Western saddle pad shims are available for all riding styles.

All ThinLine saddle pads come with a panel of this shock absorbing material sewn to many saddle pad styles, including English Saddle Pads. Saddle fitting shims are made of the same material as the ThinLine panel. You would require shims only if you need to alter your saddle fit. Please use the shop now button to view shims for pads other than the Western Felt Pro-Tech pad or if you would like to view our full line of saddles pads – all pads include this exclusive foam.

Saddle Fit Problems Solved: High Withers, Bridging, Asymmetry, Soreness.

shim western saddle pad

Western saddle pad shim options. Shims are sold in pairs:

Front, Bridging or Rear Western Shims
Booster Shims

Front Shims provide lift in the wither area and can be used to fill in behind shoulders.

Bridging Shims are used to support hollow or sway backs. ThinLine foam encourages horses to lift their back thus developing better muscle tone over their toplines.

Rear Shims are designed to lift the cantle of the saddle chiefly to create balance.

Kits featuring one front 1/4″ shim and two sets of bridging shims (one 1/4″ and one 3/16″).

**Front and rear shims arrive in 1/4 inch thickness.

Booster Shims run completely under the full ThinLine panel.  Booster shims chiefly allow you to create ThinLine Plus (1/4 inch) thickness for intense protection or as additional support for treeless saddles.



Easy installation.

Open pocket allows for perfect placement.

Shims will not shift or move.

Once inserted, shims are invisible.



ThinLine pads have an open pocket. As a result, you place shims exactly where you need them. The pocket has room for up to three 1/4″ shims in the same location. When stacking multiple shims, place one just behind the other to create a seamless transition.

custom saddle fit shims inserts

Saddle Fit and Asymmetry (Crookedness).

Saddle trees are symmetrical, frequently horses are not.  Shimming is generally the best solution for asymmetrical horses. ThinLine shimmable pads provide therapeutic protection.  When working with asymmetry leave the full side un-shimmed.  On the hollow side, turn one shim upside down and insert the pair (both shims)  into one pocket. As a rule, once horses begin working in ThinLine they feel comfortable enough to stretch into the hollow places and will become straighter.  Keep an eye on your saddle fit and slowly remove one shim at a time.

Saddle Fit and the hollow or sway back.

Western riders purchase bridging shims more frequently than English riders. Western saddles have a longer, straighter tree.  Bridging shims are a simple way to create the missing contact. Swayback or not, you may find bridging shims to be the easy solution.

Horses will often develop better topline in ThinLine.

Horses grow and change throughout their lifetime. For this reason, we made our felt saddle pad shims easy to remove. Keep riding the great benefits of your ThinLine Pad.

Incidentally, ThinLine+ shims (1/4″) are available in black only. ThinLine (3/16″) shims may arrive in black, brown or white. If you have a set of horse shims with texture on top, it is ThinLine 3/16″, if there is no texture on one side it is a ThinLine+ (1/4″- the thickest) saddle fitting shim.

Finally, thank you for trusting us with your saddle fit needs. Add Saddle Fitting Shims to your Western Felt Saddle Pad.



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