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Full Booster Shim


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Want to double your protection without altering saddle fit or changing your pad?

Boost your riding!

Just like you, our Top Ranked Riders have asked how can they add more cushioning to their favorite ThinLine pads

It’s easy with the ThinLine+ Booster Saddle Shim! We developed a new protective thickness!

Place the shims from the ThinLine+ Booster shim pack into your shimmable ThinLine Western Saddle Pad or English Saddle Pad and you’ve now created the maximum in equine back protection.

By adding this .20 inch (5 mm) shim  to any ThinLine pad, it changes that pad from an Thinline (3/16″, 4.8mm) to ThinLine+Plus thickness (1/4″, 6.4 mm)

  • Start with your favorite shimmable ThinLine pad.
  • Use the shims from our new ThinLine Booster Shim Pack and add them to create the extra ThinLine support you need.
  •  Remove the shims when you don’t need them.
  •  Makes two great pads out of your current Ultra ThinLine pad.
  •  ThinLine Booster Shim Pack comes with two full shims (Pair)  one for each side.
  •  It will slide into the shim pocket of your current pad.
  • Booster shims will fit all shimmable ThinLine pads


Transform Your Favorite  ThinLine Pad into a Full-Thickness ThinLine + Plus Pad with the Booster Shim.

Image: Booster Shim Inserted into Pad

Booster Shims are sold in pairs. When ordering Western shims choose the One Size option unless you have a barrel shaped pad or a 28 inch square.
half saddle pad shim insert english



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Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A Hi and thanks for your question! The Booster shims sizes correspond with your pad size. If your pad only comes in one size, you would select the "one size" option. Most of the pads have a size tab on the spine band. If you are not certain which size you have, please give us a call at 888-401-9101 for help.
  2. A Thanks for your question! The Booster Shims are specially designed for each pad. On the Booster Shim product page, in the first drop down menu, select Contender English Pads 8020 8021. In the second drop down menu, choose One Size. If you have any further questions, please call us at 888-401-9101.
  3. A Thank you for your question! The bridging shim can be placed on top of your booster shim. If you need additional help with fit issues, we recommend working with your saddle fitter and trainer.
  4. A Thanks for your question! There is a booster shim specially designed to fit each pad. When you order the shim, simply select the particular pad from the drop down list.
  5. A Thanks for your question! All of our shims are sold in pairs.