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Custom Saddle fitting shims made of  shock absorbing pressure distributing  trademark ThinLine foam. Use Front Shims for high withered horses and to fill in hollow areas behind the shoulder. Use Bridging shims for sway backs; ThinLine bridging shims will encourage horses to lift their back and develop more top line.  Rears shims balance saddles on uphill horses.  The open shimming pocket design of ThinLine saddle pads allows you to combine, stack and customize any saddle.  Booster shims add a full layer of protection.

Saddle Fitting Shims

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  • Add Saddle Fitting Shims to Full English Show Pad Dressage or Jumping

  • Saddle Fitting Shims for English Sheepskin Half Pads-7023/7415

  • Saddle Fitting Shims for English Trifecta Cotton Half Pad-7305

  • felt barrel saddle fit pad

    Saddle Fitting Shims for Pro-Tech Felt Pads-7334

  • Saddle Fitting Shims for Western Ranch Pads-0731/0703/0704

  • Full Booster Shim

  • Western Saddle Fit Shims (Pair)

  • English Saddle Fitting Shims (Pair)