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How to Build Trust With Horses

“The brain cares about survival before learning.” – John Medina In the sport of competitive dressage as well as many other equine disciplines it is imperative for both the horse...READ MORE

Riding The Rein Back

There is much controversy in the discipline of dressage regarding the rein back. A rein back is defined as a rider asking her horse to take a few steps backwards....READ MORE

Saddle Fitting the Thoroughbred Horse

From Master Saddler Cordia Person. "The Thoroughbred horse, especially the off the track race horse, can be one of the more daunting breeds to saddle correctly. Most people take one...READ MORE

ThinLine Receives Export Excellence Award

ThinLine Receives Export Excellence Award The International Trade Division of NC selected 10 companies out of several hundred to receive an Export Excellence Award. ThinLine was the smallest company ever...READ MORE