30 Therapeutic Riding & Rescue Organizations, Feature Fund Raising Film. Add Yours.

That was the best horse movie ever.” –Kids at Four Star Farm, Graham, Washington (near Tacoma).

Sholeh Lulham-New was the coordinator for the event and she’s with Horses Guiding Humans and is a member of EAGALA.

Sholeh paid $250 for theater rental for last Saturday’s event and said she made money for her organization and created a great get together for all her riders and volunteers.


After making “Unbridled” Hollywood filmmakers were so touched by the healing story of horses they have offered a private screening of their film to any equine-related organization as a fundraiser prior to the launch of the film in theatres.


Friends, this is an extraordinary opportunity to bring your group together, easily raise funds for your organization and increase awareness.  Please act today: you must submit your information before the end of 2017.  All you need to do is email the contact at the bottom of this blog, ThinLine.

Here is a list of 30 Centers presently scheduled to feature the film.  If you are local, reach out, if you are a member of a 501-C3, at the bottom of this blog is the email of the Producer who will help you create your own fundraiser.

THAAT Adrain Hurst, Director 903-373-1871 thaatranch@gmail.com 
Forward Strides Ellin March 978-830-4301 forward_strides@yahoo.com
Lucky Orphans Deanna luckyorphans@gmail.com
Rise Up Therapeutic Horsemanship, Inc. Martha 585-721-9946
Grace Rides, Center for equine-assisted activities and therapy for individuals with special needs. Sherry Hall 850-259-9195 sherryghall@icloud.com
Horses Bring Hope, therapeutic riding program Lisa Guarino, Treasurer; Dina Godinez, President 401-475-2749 (Lisa); 401-265-1341 (Dina) lisaguarino181@verizon.net
Talbot Special Riders Kim Hopkins 443-239-4953 tsrhopkins@gmail.com
Triple Play Farm and Equuvation Erica Anne De Flamand 203-901-6035 ericaanne@gmail.com
Equinoterapia Puerto Rico, Inc. Tania Meisner, Directora Ejecutiva 787-530-1814 meisnerbayo@yahoo.com; tania@equinoterapiapr.com
CHAPS (Children, Horses and Adults in PartnerShip) Kristen Marcus chapssheridanwy@gmail.com
Opal Counseling Center Catherine Mathon 720-507-6725 or 303-601-7558 catherine@opalcounselingcenter.com
EAGALA (natural lifemanship and E3A Equine Assisted psychotherapy and learning with rescued horses) Deanna Mancuso luckyorphans@gmail.com
1 Day Ranch Maeghan Olsen, founder/director 405-226-1946 1dayranch@gmail.com
Emerald M Therapeutic Riding Center Lisa Michelangela emeraldmfarm@gmail.com
Reins of Rhythm Ruth Gunnett, volunteer gunnett925@gmail.com; info@reinsofrhythm.org
Lecheval Stable Marya Petukonis, director 410-977-7989 marya@lechevalstable.org
Hooved Companion Project Michelle Goodrich 847-418-1904 hoovedcompanion@yahoo.com
Gaited Journeys Equine Therapy Donna Mackliln 815-979-8553 gaitedjourneys@gmail.com
Horses Guiding Humans Sholeh Lulham-New, equine specialist 360-951-2458 horsesguidinghumans@outlook.com
In Step with Horses Melissa Hauserman, President 440-381-9555 mlhauserman2@gmail.com
Open Trail Ranch Meleo Chiles, administrative assistant admin@opentrailranch.org
Sun Valley Arabians Holly Anderson 478-718-2449 egyptarabs@aol.com
Verde View Equestrian Center,Inc. Lori Picirilli at Verde View; Chad at Regal Cinemas gm1732@regalcinemas.com 607-422-1910 Lori’s mobile phone verdeviewec@gmail.com
Win Win Equine Services and Therapy, Inc. (WEST) Debra Redman 770-298-0991 debra@winwinequine.org
Innovative Therapeutic Riding Program Kerri Ellis, executive director 208-497-2297 or 307-690-6711 kerriannellis54@yahoo.com
Walk in My Shoes Therapeutic Riding Melissa Behan, program director 404-391-5600 walkinmyshoestr@gmail.com
GATE Dee Stiers, ex-director 970 876-2987 stie8@aol.com
Therapy in Motion Lynnette Holmes 406-261-5233 therapyinmotionmt@gmail.com
Cowboys N Angels Therapeutic Horsemanship Heather Harris 817-243-8860 thankyou@angelkeeper.org
Main Stay therapeutic farm Loriann Dowell, executive director or Shauna, director of corporate and community relations 815.653.9374; mobile: 815.403.3236 ldowell@mainstayfarm.org

From the Director: Hello, my name is John David Ware, Director of the new feature film, UNBRIDLED.

We are all very touched by the Equine programs during our filming.  So much so we have designed a Hollywood premiere in your area before the public release of the film. The best part is that we will donate ALL of the profits to your organization, after theatre-related expenses. We have created an easy, exciting fundraiser that supports abused women, equine therapy programs and rescue organizations.

UNBRIDLED is an award-winning film starring T.C. Stallings (War Room) and Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight). Inspired by true stories, UNBRIDLED focuses on Sarah’s road to healing. Audiences cheer at the end for our hero, her horse, and their victory.  It is appropriate for ages 12 and above; No foul language or graphic abuse. Contact us with questions or to preview the entire film.  I am confident you will love it!
“This is another great tool for the fight. “Unbridled” deals with this issue in a way that allows precise knowledge of the situation, yet allows the audience to focus on the victory that is possible if we will stand together, start this discussion and finally say ‘no more.'” Anthony Begonia, Director of Entertainment Industry Relations at The Salvation Army

 Please see the UNBRIDLED trailer at UnbridledMovie.com


  1. Email or call with your NAME, ZIPCODE and PHONE and GROUP Name and  SIZE.
  2. PICK A DATE in early 2018 (before April), including the date in the email.
  3. Jerry will send you details about your screening. All you need to do is sell tickets.

Contact: Jerry@specialguests.com919-437-0001  

More About the Film:


A new independent film, “Unbridled,” directed by John David Ware, is based on real-life stories of troubled teen girls who learn to trust again by forming relationships with rescued horses, starring Tea McKay, Eric Roberts, and TC Stallings.  Equines in the movie trained by Lindsey Partridge of Harmony Horsemanship – A Natural Horsemanship Center in Canada.  Unbridled is a heartfelt project designed to bring awareness to Human Trafficking and healing through Equine Programs.

This film is based on true stories from Corral Riding Academy, a program in Raleigh, NC, where we shot the film. Corral uses the amazing healing power of horses and animal-assisted therapy for teen, at-risk and sex-trafficked girls.

UNBRIDLED focuses on redemption and healing. It shows a great victory in the battle. At its heart, UNBRIDLED is a girl-and-her-horse-film with a girl that powerfully overcomes great difficulties.

UNBRIDLED shows an upper-middle-class family struggling against the unmentionable corruption at the heart of the problem. The setting brings it closer to home for those who could donate and raise awareness to more effectively combat the issue.

“I would like for you to come to the film and see what synergy we can devise to call attention to this problem” – John David Ware, Director

The star of the movie, Dreamer, is an amazing real-life champion horse. Dreamer plays a central role throughout the story and performs several amazing feats. Dreamer’s trainer, the real-life celebrity Lindsey Partridge, also appears in the movie. She is a Natural Horsemanship Freestyle Champion and the founder of Harmony Horsemanship. Lindsey and her two most famous horses traveled all the way from Ontario to North Carolina in order to be part of this movie. Click here to contact: Dreamer and Lindsey


A saddle pad and tack company manufacturing in North Carolina. 

ThinLine was grown from grassroots and we still come to work every day for one reason: because we know how lucky we are to have a product which can help the physical, mental and emotional well-being of horses and riders.

If you are a ThinLine rider you know how it calms horses, provides comfort and protects both their backs and the backs of riders while also improving equitation.

This is a product for people who have a mission to not only succeed but to make every day, every person they touch, better and happier.


  1. Email or call with your NAME, ZIPCODE and PHONE and GROUP Name and  SIZE.
  2. PICK A DATE in early 2018 (before April), including the date in the email.
  3. Jerry will send you details about your screening. All you need to do is sell tickets.

Contact: Jerry@specialguests.com919-437-0001  


30 Therapeutic Riding & Rescue Organizations, Feature Fund Raising Film. Add Yours.