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Therapeutic Saddle Pad for Horse and Rider Backs

ThinLine effectively protects both horse and rider backs.

This is the only product endorsed by spinal surgeons, master saddlers & veterinarians for sore backs, saddle fit, and kissing spine. 

Western Gel Saddle Pad 7304

What is ThinLine?


ThinLine is a thin, shock absorbing non slip breathable foam.

Where is the ThinLine?

It is sewn onto the panel of our saddle pads. And is also available as a stand alone pad.

English Gel Saddle Pad

How does ThinLine help a rider with a Sore Back?

It is the dual benefits of extraordinary shock absorption and motion reduction that allows riders to stay in the saddle for years to come.  Not only does it remove most of the bounce but it greatly reduces the flexion of a riders lower back. Many riders report their backs are free from tension and pain AFTER riding in a ThinLine.  It works equally well for muscle and spinal (bone related) issues.

Any ThinLine Saddle Pad will provide relief for rider backs. But we also offer a much thinner version of this shock absorbing foam in a seat saver just for rider relief. From $49.00.  Click image to view seat makers.

english seat saver western seat saver

Does ThinLine help horses with a sore back?

It solves most muscle soreness and provides relief for bone (spinal) issues like kissing spine.  Saddle fit discomforts are eliminated because the saddle fitting shims are made of the same material as the ThinLine saddle pads.  It effectively prevents soreness in healthy horses as they age and as their work loads increase.


Does this pad shim for saddle fit?  Yes! ThinLine shimmable pads create a spine free channel. 

Rider Technology Information.

ThinLine moves impact laterally instead of up into the rider’s spine reducing back strain, providing protection for riders’ spines while improving equitation and delivering a close contact feel.


Spinal Surgeons research saddle pads and endorse ThinLine
Improved equitation and shock absorption in an ThinLine Pad is quite measurable.


          The ONLY Saddle Pad Endorsed by Spinal Surgeons.testing sensors



Therapeutic Saddle Pad for Horse and Rider Backs

Technology For Horses.

SMS master saddle fitters Master Saddlers research ThinLine. 

So many horses improve top-line muscle tone by using ThinLine Master Saddlers such as Cordia Person (CSF) who also educates saddle fitters on how to shim with ThinLine. Custom saddle fitters like Cordia, recommend Basic ThinLine Pads to protect backs and keep saddles fitting until the next check.  ThinLine will not alter the fit of a custom saddle.


Kissing Spine Disease

KSD. ThinLine is the only Saddle Pad endorsed by Veterinarians for Kissing Spine Disease.

Veterinarians recommend ThinLine for horses with sore backs and as a preventative measure and as part of their therapy. Burlington Equine Veterinary Services in Vermont specializes in KSD Kissing Spine Disease treatment. They, among others, recommend the ThinLinePlus+ Basic Therapeutic Pad or any of the ThinLine saddle pads with a booster shim. 

Money Back Guarantee:  

How do I know ThinLine is delivering the comfort and protection my horse needs?

Once you receive your saddle pad, ride in it for at least a week.  At first, you may simply notice things like; “my horse was great today, my seat and aids were soft and effective”, great job!   You will see daily improvement. But, this can be a bit subtle in the beginning.   After at least a week of riding daily, begin your warm-up with the ThinLine.  Once you are warmed up, remove the ThinLine and ride.  This is when you will see just how much your horse is loving his ThinLine saddle pad.

We want every ride to be the best ride.  If you feel ThinLine is not delivering what you need all products may be returned for a full refund within 30 days. Of course, we would prefer you give us a call and tell us what is and is not working for you.  Around the world, this product has helped both riders and horses work happier together. We hope our 30-day satisfaction guarantee will help provide confidence to try this amazing material.

Therapeutic Saddle Pad for Horse and Rider Backs