ThinLine – a supple, breathable, shock absorbing foam that delivers what we seek:

A simple & honest connection with horses.

TecBeginning as a liquid, microscopic cells are poured into a mold then polarized so each cell lies end to end creating a tunnel. Another layer is poured on top and polarized in a new direction, this process is repeated hundreds of times creating a honey comb matrix allowing impact and heat to move laterally like rings of water when you throw a stone into a quiet pond. So impact and pressure is dissipated ACROSS the ThinLine!


Integrity and softness allow ThinLine to flex and stretch over high withers, around bones, splints, girths or saddle pressure points without

 bottoming out e.g. reducing the amount of ThinLine in the area with the highest need of protection. When warmed to body temperature ThinLine conforms to the horse’s back, leg, or girth area supporting tendons, muscles and relieving pressure. When returned to room temperature 75° F, it returns to its original shape. The life span of this process is typically 7-9 years. If your saddle pad arrives with folding creates in it do not worry once warmed to body temperature the pad will look like your horses back then will become flat at 75° F.

What are the technological advantages of using a ThinLine or Ultra ThinLine Product?


Unlike neoprene, ThinLine will never generate heat and has never caused a skin reaction in horses.
Unlike gel, ThinLine is lightweight, breathable, and will not move away from pressure points. ThinLine is easier to clean and to care for than leather, and it’s anti-fungal agents keep horses’ skin healthy.

Saddle Pad and Tack Technology Rides

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