ThinLine – positive Results in Hoof Pads and Boots

... and Equine Soundness with previously lame horses.

Because of its’ extraordinary weight disbursement properties  and because ThinLine was developed to make horses more comfortable ThinLine has been working with farriers and veterinarians to assist in treating ringbone, sidebone, navicular syndrome and founder in horses.  Additionally, many jumpers have moved from packing the soles of horses daily to simply using a ThinLine hoof pad to provide extraordinary impact protection on hard footing.  Adding a hoof pad to a hoof boot is simple. After several years of work the data show ThinLine again provides durable support for hurting feet, restores soundness and keeps equine athletes sounder longer.

Pictured Above ThinLine Hoof pads

Doug Ehrmann, a farrier with the Sound Equine, Inc., began using ThinLine hoof pads on lame horses suffering from ringbone.  Beginning with chronically lame horses Doug easily convinced owners to give the pads a try.  His favorite testimonial is a story about a your horse (9) who had been out of work for the better part of a year and had received many expensive veterinary visits.  Six weeks after shoeing with the ThinLine hoof pad the horse returned to work!

Many farriers now follow the pioneering work of Doug and use the hoof pads for multiple issues.  The riders and horses know how effective ThinLine is in providing comfort and protection to athletes so many have moved forward rapidly with confidence towards the hoof pads.

The ThinLine hoof pads are placed directly against the hoof with a little dental packing and are then  used in conjunction with a plastic pad, on top of which the shoe is nailed.  Frog inserts are also available for horses with contracted heel.  The hoof pads provide two unique features: the anti fungal and anti bacterial agents help to keep the hoof healthy while greatly reducing impact and the frog inserts open the heel while weight bearing but allow it to contract when the foot is off the ground. This process is not found in any other hoof product and not only stimulates the heel to open but also improves blood flow and speeds recovery from many ailments including hoof abscesses.

As an added bonus the comfort delivered by the hoof pads will aid in better stance and improve the horse’s stride and quality of gaits.

Have your farrier place your ThinLine Hoof pad in between your horse’s hoof and the plastic pad.

David Richards, owner of Equicast, an equine hoof cast system, and author of the “Ask Dave” column in the Equine Herald, has used the ThinLine hoof pads with his casting system. “The good news is that I have used the pads with my casting procedure with great results. After a cast is applied I set the cast down on a ThinLine pad, which presses the cast into all the contours of the bottom of the hoof.  The ThinLine pads are working better than anything I have used so far” Richards said.

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Hoof Pad Hoof boot liner

ThinLine – positive Results in Hoof Pads and Boots

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